Make it your own

As a design concept, The Cantabrian is a place to gain inspiration, gather ideas and explore options for your new home. There are many aspects of the design, ranging from the internal layout and special features through to the exterior cladding, that allow for a Cantabrian home that is ‘you’.

The House

The design principles are intended to suit a variety of households. The Cantabrian may be built as a stand-alone home, with or without a garage, with the option of adding a Cantabrian Cottage to accommodate the family’s changing needs over time.  

Expert advice will be given about siting the building/s to ensure sunlight, privacy, and community outdoor areas are maximised.


A range of external claddings is available and a suggested range of colours and finishes will provide plenty of scope for personalising your new home.




The Interior

The flexibility of the design allows for a range of options for the internal layout depending upon the needs of your family. 

Cleverly designed moveable storage units allow spaces to be opened or closed for use as bedrooms, home office, playroom, or gaming room. The rooms can be changed, as the family’s needs change.