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The Jennian Cantabrian embraces a considered approach to building in Canterbury, one that combines clever design with structural integrity to suit the needs and challenges of building in our region.

Affordability, functionality and sustainability are key components to the success of The Jennian Cantabrian. Its design is both creative and practical, offering the flexibility to adapt the plan to meet individual requirements. The Jennian Cantabrian delivers homeowners with an option that perfectly suits the Canterbury environment, utilising lightweight cladding and roofing to further enhance the structural requirements needed for building in the region, including those building on TC3 land. 

With its efficient and flexible layout, The Jennian Cantabrian offers simple style for the homeowner to easily make their own.


In 2013 Southern Response launched a competition – challenging the architectural community to design the next generation of housing in Canterbury, in particular to deliver an innovative, affordable and comfortable home that met the needs of building on TC3 land.

Christchurch-based architect, Simon Blencowe, was awarded second place in The Cantabrian Competition. Jennian Homes Canterbury worked closely with Simon to make his award-winning vision a reality so that homeowners can make it theirs.

The Jennian Cantabrian honours Simon’s design, based on a central core that allows for a variety of layout options for living and sleeping configurations, with minimal internal circulation. The end result is an efficient, flexible and affordable design that employs lightweight construction and meets Canterbury’s structural requirements.

Simon and Jennian are proud to offer the homeowners of Canterbury…The Jennian Cantabrian.

For more information, download the Jennian Cantabrian flyer here, or contact Jennian using the details below: