The design brief required entries to focus on:

Aesthetics – 
Is it a ‘beautiful’ building, does it have that ‘something extra’?

Streetscape – 
Will it add to the streetscape, would we want to see one of these in our neighbourhood?

Planning – 
How well does the floor plan work as a house to live in and would the changing needs of the homeowner be readily accommodated at different stages of their life?

Economics – 
Can it be built within the budget defined?

Acceptability – 
Would it appeal to a wide range of homebuilders?



The winning concept was selected from among 47 entries.

The desired outcome was a concept that could be readily translated into a new style of house in which people could feel warm, safe, happy and comfortable.

The winning concept was selected from among 47 entries. Such was the inspiration of this concept, that Southern Response committed to ensuring that it was built and offered to the community to touch and feel. The Cantabrian concept home is a starting point, not an absolute.Other versions of The Cantabrian will undoubtedly evolve within the structural parameters of this new style of home. It is an exciting beginning for future Cantabrian homes. 

The Cantabrian concept home is situated at 81 Cranford Street, St Albans, Christchurch.



The Finalists